2019 08 cooking mainThe grade 5/6 students at Snake Valley have a mini restaurant, running every Thursday lunchtime. Each week, 4 senior students are selected to help Carol prepare and cook a healthy lunch.

Students then set up a restaurant and invite other students (from Foundation - 6) to come and dine with them. This program is being completed alongside our school wide positive behaviour program (SWPBS) and is encouraging students to follow the school values of respect, responsibility and excellence. Students are selected by their peers for displaying the correct values in the classroom and the yard.

This program helps promote healthy eating, trying new foods and is a great way to practise our table manners. We received additional funding from the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm – we thank them for their generous support. This means that we can purchase a wide variety of healthy foods for the students to enjoy.

When the weather improves we will use some of this money to buy seedlings to grow vegetables in our garden.


2019 08 Cooking 01