2019 08 smyth kinder mainOur student leadership team were once again off down the road to our local Woady Kinder.
Last Friday all the student leaders visited the kinder!

We visited the kinder so that we could get to know some of the kinder kids that are coming to Scarsdale campus next year.
Also so that they get to know some familiar faces when they come to Scarsdale campus.
We sang songs, had fun and had a little laugh!

The songs that we sang were called Highway Number 1 and Alice the Camel has 5 Humps.
All the kinder kids thought that a camel has 5 humps instead of 2 humps.

One of the kinder kid’s names was River. She thought that a camel has 35 humps. Everybody had a big laugh!
At Scarsdale campus we received some great new book week books and all of the student leaders got to choose one of the new book week books and read it to the kinder kids.
Once we finished reading the book week books that we had chosen, we would swap with other people. One of the kinder kids that I was reading to wanted me to read two of the cat books at the kinder .
By Alycia and Zac


2019 08 Smyth Kinder 01